4 Paws Therapies

Our dogs have a great desire to please us – to please us even if they are in pain or suffering any sort of discomfort.

As responsible Dog Lovers it is up to us to protect them from themselves!  Most dogs suffer from some sort of physical problem (especially if the flooring at home is not carpet), and living this human-created lifestyle can trigger certain conditions, including emotional problems.

Massage, Reiki and Crystal Healing can all play a major role in improving the health of a dog. These therapies reach all the levels at the same time. They treat the “whole” dog and not just the symptoms.

The words Physiotherapy, Myotherapy and Massage give the impression that they differ greatly in treatment, but in fact they are all very similar.  Each title refers to treatment and rehabilitation by natural forces, manipulation, massage and remedial exercises.  They are all on a par with each other.

Canine massage is a gentle, non-invasive therapy and the benefits from this therapy can be categorized into four main areas:-


Canine massage can strengthen the Core Stability of a dog improving ability and performance.  It can help with recovery from illness, injury or pain and the symptoms of old age. By treating the ‘whole’ dog, massage can balance the mind, body and spirit thus promoting Homeostasis.  Your dog can always benefit from Canine massage be it sports: remedial: or holistic massage even if they seems fit and healthy.



4 Paws Grooming and Therapy can come to your dog club and carry out Pre and Post Season Muscular Assessment Tests.

This is particularly good for agility or working dogs and will give great guidance on your dog’s muscular health.  Show dogs also benefit from the Muscular Assessments Test in gait and balance.

For the love of dogs Lezleigh keeps the price low in the hope that more dogs have the chance to benefit, be it attending workshops: having a groom or therapy treatment.