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I bless the day I brought Gemma to see you. I thought my dear dog would have to drag her leg around for the rest of her life. Now she is so happy and her walk is normal. She really enjoys her walks again. Thank you so much”…

Jan B   

Thank you so much for your informative and sensitive teaching of the massage techniques. Breeze found it blissful!!

Author *Anna   

Testimonial *I had to share my experiences with Lezleigh. I took my nervous dog to 4 Paws to be groomed he is not the easiest dog to handle but Lezleigh was brilliant she made him so relaxed, and he looked amazing when I picked him up . Totally recommend anyone to take their dog to 4 paws . Thanks Lezleigh.

Author *Alex Gee   

My Labrador has become quite bouncy after his Canine Massage Treatments with Lezleigh, who discovered that he is a little stiff around his hips and hindquarters. Very happy to charge into Lezleigh's house and literally throw himself into the treatment! His enjoyment is there for all to see and it is obvious that it has made a difference to him.

Author *Robina C   

…”Thank you for helping restore Leia’s mobility. When we first came to see you in May she could barely walk following her slipped disc and I had to carry her in: I was so happy to see her walk out! Even after that session we noticed an immediate improvement which has steadily continued. We have noticed that when she walks on the wet sand there are now four perfectly spaced clear paw-prints. A couple of months ago it was 1 – 2….3 – scrape!

She had a check-up at the Vet’s last week and he was very pleased with her progress. He has confirmed that the regular massages are helping her manage very well and that without them she would be permanently on drugs for pain relief! (At the moment she is not taking any at all, fantastic!) It is wonderful that our insurers also believe in the benefits of your canine therapy and we are able to claim for them. However, there has been such a dramatic improvement we would continue even if they didn’t!”…..

Andie H   

…” Libby had a stiff back leg for about a year which only caused her problems in the evening after resting and then taking the first few paces. After several visits to the vet with no improvement I was recommended to Lezleigh (who I had met several times anyway whilst walking Libby locally.) Lezleigh's kind and gentle massage which Libby loved worked wonders and glad to say since our visits has got better. Thank you Lezleigh”…

Carol G   

Testimonial *After a bad experience for our nervous Golden Retriever with another Groomer, I asked a friend which Groomer she used. My friend said she had just found a new lady & would definitely be going back again. My friend gave me Lezleigh's details & mentioned that Lezleigh also offers Crystal & massage therapies, which might be of interest. I contacted Lezleigh & arranged for George to have a session of Crystal healing. George took to Lezleigh immediately & we saw immediate results in terms of his tolerance of previously stressful situations. George loved his weekly visits & obviously greeted Lezleigh as a great friend! He is much less nervous now & it's wonderful to see him enjoying life & embracing new experiences so much more easily. We cannot thank Lezleigh enough for her help & she will definitely be our Groomer of choice for George as we know she will be kind & respectful of any issues that may arise due to his insecurity & will never "push" beyond what a dog is comfortable with.

Author *Trina J   

Testimonial *Four years ago I used to take Bobby to weekly swimming sessions but I had to stop driving. I hadn't heard of Lezleigh at that time until a couple of years later I met a lady walking her dog who sang Lezleigh's praises. I therefore contacted this lovely lady and Bobby has been receiving her massages and grooming ever since. Through her care he has remained supple, happy and greets her with great enthusiasm. It is remarkable how she finds even the smallest spot which needs attention. Bobby is now an old man but still is happy and eating well although I have been told by the Vet he is on borrowed time. Lezleigh now gives him such gentle palliative care, keeping him comfortable and still able to enjoy the time he has left. Thank you Lezleigh, more than I can say.
Gill Field

Gill Field   

Having come from a rescue centre 6 years ago, Shep our lively Border Collie would never seek attention for affection. However, since receiving Canine Massage Therapy from Lezleigh, he has now become a much calmer dog and even loves a cuddle at anytime.

Val L   

I first met Lezleigh in the summer of 2008 at Ashley Heath show. I was showing my Great Dane Mr Moley. As I was leaving the show I passed Lezleighs stand, she offered a Muscular Assessment Test for Mr Moley.

Lezleigh explained the benefits of massage treatment and pointed out a few points to be worked on. She had never met Mr Moley before and was spot on with her diagnosis as he did get stiff in his hind leg and he was tense in a few other muscles. I have been travelling the 84 mile round trip for 3 years now. Mr Moley goes every 8 weeks now for a maintenance massage. He loves his visits to Lezleigh; he is so relaxed we have a job to turn him over to work on the other side. I have to say I come out with a calm feeling too as Lezleigh seems to have that effect on people and animals.

Whether it is at home running with the horses or in the show ring Lezleigh keeps my dog in great shape’….

Jill S   

…“it is so encouraging to see the difference in her movement after just one session. I want to do everything possible for her. Her happiness and comfort is all that matters…and out of all the things we have tried to date – your massage has helped more than anything, so I’m feeling very positive!"

P King   

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