Reiki and Crystals


Animals cannot tell us directly that they are hurting or how much they are in pain. When animals are uneasy with massage – Reiki and/or Crystals are used to ease them.  However they are both wonderful non intrusive complementary therapies in their own right and are often used individually.

Animals are more instinctive than humans and usually respond positively to Reiki and/or Crystals as they do not have preconceived ideas.  The procedure for their treatment is similar to that of people.


 ♦ Deep Relaxation
 ♦ Reduced fatigue
 ♦ Relief from stress, tension and pain
 ♦ Positive impact on mood and performance
 ♦ Chakra Healing
 ♦ Focuses their mind

Reiki and Crystals balance the whole being on all levels – spiritually: emotionally and physically. They are used by working over the whole body, as well as detecting areas that need healing. They are used to open the chakra system, opening each chakra to its full potential.

Your best friend does not have to be ill to benefit from Reiki or Crystal healing.  Like humans, their chakras can close and become stagnated. If left in this dis-eased state health problems can arise as everything (stress and strain) internalizes as it is unable to flow through and away out into the ether.

To really be at their best, animals like us, need to be content and physically in balance on all levels.  They can be extremely receptive to these very peaceful non-invasive therapies.





tiaandme Nature needs nurturing to reach it’s full potential.   (quote)