Puppy Massage Classes

Whilst canine massage is a recognised complementary therapy for the older dog, puppy massage is an area that has been underdeveloped – until now.

Lezleigh devised a massage routine specifically for puppies whilst working as a Galen Myotherapist and had it approved by a Veterinary Surgeon.

This proven routine is gradually built up week by week in easy to implement steps and helps you, as owners, to ‘Start right (and) at the beginning’. The course runs for six weeks.

By learning to communicate and understand your dog: investing in it’s future physical health (massage) you will assist a greater bonding and connection between you.

Learn to develop an awareness of your puppy’s body map.  Recognise what is normal and what is not, identify lumps and bumps whilst familiarising puppy with being touched and handled.  This creates a bond of trust, so important for when Veterinary attention is required.

For further details and to book your place, please phone, text or email using the contact Lezleigh page.