Dog Club Article

I love my work! I am most fortunate to be able to work with many dogs and their caring owners. Helping the dogs not only feel better within their own skin but also with life itself. I am qualified in Canine Myotherapy, Crystals and Reiki Healing so I am able to help dogs with all manner of difficulties, and insured. Here are a few of my recent cases:

Case A.  7 years old Boxer with double hip dysplasia.  He’d only ever stood on three legs at any one time as he alternated his hind legs to relieve the weight and discomfort this condition caused him. After a few sessions of intensive Myotherapy the owners were happy to report that he was standing fair and square on all four legs. His condition is maintained with regular Myotherapy sessions and precise exercises carried out by the owners.

Case B.  A young underweight dog. She would not eat from her bowl for several days then on the fourth day she would eat at great speed, gulping the food down. Yet she would eat from her owners hand when food was offered! The owners thought it was just an odd habit the dog had developed, but being underweight for which the Vet could find no reason, really concerned them. Through palpation I found severely tight muscles in her neck and shoulder. This injury may have happened whilst with her litter mates through rough and tumble play. Fortunately she responded well to the Myotherapy, which unknotted the problem and taught the muscle fibres to relax into their correct natural position. With her food and water bowl raised to her natural standing height she is now happy to eat from the bowl and has gained weight. Oh yes, she still likes the tit bits from the owners hand!

Case C. A Golden Retriever who was scared of every noise in the house and garden but reasonable alright on walks provided there were no other dogs, bikes, cars or people around! I used healing Crystals and Reiki in this case. I balanced his energy centres (chakras) which were either closed or too open. If the energy centres are not balanced then the dog will not be able to function properly (rather like an engine – if one spark plug is misfiring the engine will be affected).

With crystal empowered water to drink and particular crystals placed near his bed and in his area of the car, he has gradually become more settled and less agitated. The weekly sessions of healing Reiki and Crystal massage have changed this dog and the confidence now shows, both indoors and out on walks. He does still occasionally stop dead in his tracks but instead of refusing to move or making a bolt for the car or home, he now seems to assess the situation and once he has done this he is happy to move on again. The thunderstorm and the recent fireworks did not trouble him as they had previously. In fact the owner was amazed to find the dog was still asleep at the foot of the bed when before he would have disappeared downstairs, shaking and cowering under the table. On walks he now instigates play with other dogs rather than hide behind the owners legs. A much happier dog!

Case D. This dear little dog who’d had to be carried into me, brought tears to my eyes. A young dog not able to walk properly – my instinct was to immediately perform Reiki on her whilst the owners explained what had happened. They weren’t exactly sure how it had occurred but when their dog returned from running off into the woods with her best friend (a bigger dog) she was dragging her hind legs. On veterinary examination it was discovered that she had suffered a prolapsed intervertebral disc (slipped disc). This was causing pressure on the spinal cord thus affecting the hind quarters.

At the end of the initial visit I am pleased to say the little dog ‘walked’ out of the room – not a pure balanced walk but three steps and then a scrape with the fourth paw, but progress was already being made.

As with all cases I gained Veterinary consent to perform Myotherapy. The dog was nursed in a cage for some weeks (to limit the risk of being paralysed) whilst having Myotherapy twice a week. The owners were delighted with the results and they were able to return to their favourite pastime of taking their dear little dog for a walk along the beach, something they feared they wouldn’t be able to do again. They were happy to report four even paw prints in the sand.

Finally: A perfectly healthy dog; muscles all well balanced and without tension but as it was her birthday, the owner wanted to give her a birthday treat. I’d met them at a dog show where I was offering muscular assessment tests. The owner noticed afterward how much smoother her dogs gait and movements were and wanted to see how if a full holistic massage might help improve her dog further. I am pleased to report that the owner was very impressed with the improvement in her already healthy dog, not only in the movement and also her sustained energy on a walk.


I especially love working with dogs as they come with no preconceived ideas and only use their instincts. If happy, they are straight in – down on the mat ready for treatment – if not they let me know.  However, any dog can benefit from Myotherapy, Reiki or Crystals as these non-intrusive therapies work on all levels – spiritually, emotionally, and physically, treating the whole being not just the problem.

To complete the package of care I qualified as a Dog Groomer and I only book one dog at any time, there is no waiting in cages or rushing to get the job finished. The dog will have my undivided attention and if they need a break or a rest then they can. This relaxed atmosphere helps dogs to have a more positive experience when being groomed.


If you feel I can help with problems you or your dog are experiencing then please don’t hesitate to contact me either through the website or telephone 077 5353 5548.