Crystals to use for Canine Ailments

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Always refer the dog to a Veterinary Surgeon.

Crystals do not replace Veterinary Care.

The information below is a guide only.

ABUSE Rose Quartz: Selenite: Rutilated Quartz: 
ACCIDENTS AND EMERGENCIES Smoky Quartz: Amethyst: Copper:
AGEING DOG Amber: Carnelian: Copper:
ALLERGIES Amber: Malachite: Selenite:
ANAEMIA Bloodstone: Hematite:
ANGER / AGGRESSION Rose Quartz: Rhodonite: Clear Quartz:
ANOREXIA Chrysoprase: Fluorite: Citrine:
ANXIETY (See fear, nervousness, panic attacks, separation anxiety, Stress)
APATHY (See resignation)
APPETITE poor Carnelian: Ruby: Rutilated Quartz:
ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATISM Amber: Copper: Fluorite: Malachite.
ATTENTION SEEKING Blue Lace Agate: White Howlite: (See jealousy as well).
BEREAVEMENT & GRIEF Amethyst: Ruby: Rose Quartz (use a grounding stone with rose quartz)
BITES & STINGS Blue Lace Agate:  Clear Quartz:
BIRTHING Cherry Quartz: Moonstone: Selenite: Haematite:
BLADDER PROBLEMS Amber: Calcite: Citrine:
BLOOD DISORDERS Bloodstone. Cherry Quartz: Clear Quartz: Haematite:
BONDING Clear Quartz: Rose Quartz. Amethyst.
BONES & TEETH poor Fluorite: White Howlite: Rutilated Quartz:
CHANGES coping with Citrine: Smoky Quartz; Selenite:
CIRCULATION poor Rhodonite: Clear Quartz: Bloodstone:
CLEANSING (See Toxicity)
COLDS Amber: Rhyolite Jasper:
CONCENTRATION poor (See training problems)
CONFIDENCE low Carnelian: Ruby: Rose Quartz:
CONSTIPATION Bloodstone: Emerald: Rhyolite Jasper:
CONVALESCENCE Bloodstone: Cherry Quartz: Fluorite.
CYSTITIS (See bladder problems)
DEPRESSION Amber: Carnelian: Lapis lazuli: Ruby.
DIET ASSIMILATION, poor Fluorite: Hematite: Lapis lazuli.
DIGESTION PROBLEMS Amber: Chrysoprase: Calcite: Emerald: Moonstone.
DISORIENTATION Amethyst: Smokey Quartz: Jet:
DOMINANCE Black Onyx: Chrysoprase: Calcite: Snowflake Obsidian:
ENERGY low Bloodstone: Carnelian: Lemon Chrysoprase:
EPILEPSY Gold: Malachite; Clear Quartz:
EYE PROBLEMS Blue Lace Agate: Lapis Lazuli:
Citrine: Ruby: Rose Quartz
FALSE PREGNANCY Chrysoprase: Calcite: Rutilated Quartz:
FATIGUE & EXHAUSTION Cherry Quartz: Citrine: Bloodstone: (See Energy)
FEAR Amethyst: Aventurine: Selenite: Rose Quartz: Tiger Eye: Gold:
FERTILITY PROBLEMS Carnelian: Chrysoprase: Moonstone; Rhodocrosite:
FEVERS Blue Lace Agate: Selenite: White Howlite:
GROUNDING Bloodstone: Smokey Quartz Or any Black/Dark Crystal
HEALING Amber: Amethyst: Bloodstone: Cherry Quartz: Clear Quartz: Silver.
HEAT females in Blue Lace Agate:
HORMONAL IMBALANCES Black Onyx: Chrysoprase: Moonstone: Rhodocrosite:
HYPERACTIVITY (See Training problems)
IMMUNITY low  Citrine: Clear quartz: Lemon Chrysoprase: Gold.
 INFECTIONS  Amber: Copper: Rhyolite Jasper: Silver:
INFLAMMATION Blue Lace Agate: Clear Quartz: Copper: Silver:
JEALOUSY Rose quartz: Selenite: Snowflake Obsidian:
KIDNEY PROBLEMS Bloodstone: Citrine: Haematite:
LEARNING PROBLEMS (See training problems)
MENTAL FOCUS (See training problems)
MOOD SWINGS Chrysoprase: Carnelian: Moonstone: Rhodocrosite:
MOTHERING Blue Lace Agate: Rose quartz: Rutilated Quartz:
MOVING Amethyst: Selenite: Rutilated Quartz:
MUSCLE STRAINS AND TENSION Rose quartz: Malachite: Clear quartz: White Howlite:
NERVOUSNESS Blue lace agate: Chryosprase: Emerald: Smoky Quartz: Rose quartz:
OBSESSIVE BEHAVIOUR      Clear Quartz: Malachite: Selenite:
PAIN  Amethyst: Black Onyx: Clear Quartz:  Lapis Lazuli: Malachite:
 PANIC ATTACKS    Amethyst: Clear Quartz: Rhodonite: Smoky Quartz:
PINING          Amethyst: Ruby: Chrysoprase:
POST SURGERY RECOVERY    Cherry quartz: Amethyst: Rose Quartz:
REBELLIOUSNESS (See training problems)
RESENTMENT Clear Quartz: Rose Quartz:  Thulite:
RESIGNATION       Rose Quartz: Ruby: Selenite: Smoky Quartz:
RESCUE ANIMALS  Amethyst: Blue Lace Agate: Rose Quartz: Tigers Eye:
Amber: Lapis Lazuli: Rose Quartz:
SEPARATION ANXIETY Amethyst: Chrysoprase: Ruby:
SHOCK  Amethyst: Rhodonite: Smoky Quartz:
SKELETAL PROBLEMS Black Onyx: Blue Lace Agate: Calcite: Labradorite: White Howlite:
SKIN PROBLEMS Amethyst: Calcite: Clear Quartz: Copper:
STRESS  Amethyst: Blue Lace Agate:  Rose Quartz: Smoky Quartz:
SUBMISSIVENESS Amber: Clear Quartz: Emerald: Rose Quartz: Tigers Eye:
TRAINING PROBLEMS Amethyst: Carnelian: Citrine: Fluorite: Malachite: Ruby:
TRAUMA (See Abuse: Accidents: Post surgical: shock: and wounds.)
TRAVEL SICKNESS      Lemon Chrysoprase: Malachite: Sodalite:
UNNATURAL CONDITIONS Malachite: Selenite: Rose Quartz: Smokey Quartz:
VERTIGO Lapis Lazuli: Malachite: Rose Quartz:
WOUNDS  Bloodstone: Emerald: Haematite:Malachite: Rhodonite: Rhyolite Jasper: Silver:



Never leave the Crystal in reach of the Dog: Never leave the Dog alone with the Crystals.

Use for short periods of time 2 – 4 minutes daily: 

Refrain from hanging Crystals on the collar and keeping it there.

Dogs need a break from the energy of the crystals, ensure they have the

freedom to move away – likewise with Magnetic Collars.

Do not place Crystals in food or water bowl.

Some Crystals may be placed in a jug of water – but decanter water into the water bowl.

To cleanse your crystals – place on the windowsill in full moon light over night.

NB Some Crystals are toxic. Malachite: Copper – do not put in drinking water.

Some Crystals are sensitive to water. Selenite – keep in dry conditions

Refer to published Crystals Books for further information, care and use of Crystals.

The Essential Crystal Handbook by Simon and Sue Lilly

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

“Crystal Healing for Animals by Martin Scott and Gael Mariana”

Crystal Therapy does not replace Veterinary Care.