Canine Myotherapy

All dogs are finely tuned athletes and may disguise the fact when they are in pain – it’s a throw back to their wild days!  Massage can be of great benefit to them by reducing pain and discomfort. Dogs just want to please us and will go for a walk or play ball even when  feeling unwell or in pain.

Lezleigh, who is fully qualified and insured, has the support of local vets. She not only treats dogs but also teaches owners in the art of massaging dogs in one day workshops. The owners learn a new skill that can last a lifetime, bringing benefit to both them and their dog. Bonding with a dog can start at any time but it needs to be nurtured to be successful and massage is one way forward for all dogs and owners.

The One Day Workshop is ideal for all types of dogs – agility dogs, guns dogs, family pets and working dogs. It will help achieve maximum muscular support for the dog, whilst giving comfort and reassurance to the owner that they are helping their dog to achieve good stable muscular health.

Lezleigh has a keen interest in the muscular welfare of performance dogs. With her knowledge of their muscular system and its associated injuries, along with her palpation skill she is able to detect soft tissue injuries which cannot show up on x rays. This means that she is able to tailor specific massage routines to individual dogs. Older dogs are also of keen interest for Lezleigh – although she cannot cure the arthritic joint she is able to massage the surrounding muscles to release tension that is held within.

Dogs can suffer depression, have psychological problems and feel ‘out of sorts’ which will create dis-ease within. Lezleigh treats these dogs with Reiki and Healing Crystals as these therapies treat the whole dog on all levels and not just the presenting symptoms. Lezleigh is also a qualified and insured dog groomer (City and Guilds).


Due to repeated requests from owners Lezleigh has had further training and gained qualifications to enable her to carry out Indian Head and Shoulder Massage and Reiki and Crystal healing for them too.