4 Paws Grooming

A dog being groomed is not a luxury but a necessity and with regular appointments at the groomer it does not have to break the bank. The benefits of being groomed regularly extend far beyond just making the dog’s coat clean, tidy and knot free it allows for the following :-

Health Check
– of the skin and coat condition
– of the ears, eyes, nose and lumps and bumps
– of stance and posture – muscular tone
– can detect health issues early
– helps to keep your dog in tip-top condition

– for you and your family from bacteria, mites, fleas, ticks
and illness that can transfer to humans (Zoonosis)
All the above can live in a dirty, matted coat – Yuk!

– Well-being – having a clean, free-flowing coat enables
the dog to move freely
– Receiving good attention can make a dog happy and relaxed
– The owner/family are more likely to cuddle and fuss a clean dog
– A happy dog will have the confidence to socialize easier

And many more benefits!


To create a relaxed calming atmosphere 4 paws Grooming and Therapy only has one dog in at a time. There is no waiting in cages and there is no rush to get the dog groomed as quickly as possible. This helps nervous dogs manage the experience better as they have undivided attention  and the dogs comfort is priority.  They may have a break, stretch their legs in the safe enclosed garden or lay down and have a little rest.

Also, at 4 Paws Grooming your dog doesn’t need to book in for any fancy little extra pampering as all is included in the price. Tangled/matted coats automatically have a detangle conditioner applied. Facial foam is always used on the face as part of their bathing needs and the dogs breath is freshened with an oral foam cleanser. If elbows, noses or paws are dry or cracked (and not infected) a balm is gently massaged into these areas. Finally, if the dog cannot cope with high powered drier they are dried in a towel wrap with a gentle heat – takes a little longer but hey – only one dog in at a time!

4 Paws Grooming will need to know the temperament of your dog before booking an appointment so that necessary preparation can be made for your dogs comfort and well-being.

4 Paws Grooming politely request all dogs be up to date with flea, tick and worming treatments prior to attending appointments. If fleas are found, your dog will be treated – additional charge £8.

IMG_09504 Paws Grooming and Therapy – fully qualified and insured.